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My First Blog Entry - WELCOME!


Welcome to Healing Touch Tampa Bay! Thank you for stopping by. Allow me to introduce energy medicine to you. 

Here is a very simple example. Have you ever been walking down the street and "felt" someone behind you, and when you turn around, there, indeed is someone walking behind you? Well, this person has entered your energy field. The feeling you got is the disturbance that has occurred in your field, like sticking your finger in dough. The roundness of the dough has been altered by the entrance of your finger. No harm was done, but there has been a change.

When your energy field is out of balance, it can show up as an illness, lack of focus, fatigue, and pain. Healing Touch can help in realigning those fields so that the body can use that energy to heal itself.

Need to recharge? Try the Self-chakra connection.


We all need to recharge. For me, it's usually that afternoon slump between 2 and 3 in the afternoon when I need that boost. I've been known to reach for chocolate, maybe even a small cup of coffee. Going for a quick walk is always a good idea, but your schedule may not always give you the 15 to 30 minutes you may need.  Self-chakra healing will leave you feeling energized, in a relaxed way.

This short video provides simple instructions on Healing Touch's self chakra connection (by Christina R.). It only takes about 10 minutes. Just enough time to recharge!

Short Radio Interview on Healing Touch Tampa Bay


This  is a short interview that I had with Business Talk Radio (MP3), out of New York. It is a brief overview of what I offer and how Healing Touch can help you.

Grounding yourself


We have officially entered the fall season. This summer has been particularly hot (in Florida) and then add the challenges of a pandemic, I can safely say it has been somewhat challenging. As we change seasons, it is also a good time to reflect and the need to ground oneself. 

What is grounding? Grounding yourself means staying connected to the present, letting go of thoughts and emotions. 

What are the signs of being ungrounded? You may find yourself with increase clumsiness, distracted, unable to follow conversations, heightened fears, excessive daydreaming, and extra sensitivity to interactions, just to name a few.

There are several easy ways to ground yourself. I've outlined them below.

1. Walking meditation

2. Get physical

3. Listen to your surroundings

4. Savor a scent and taste from a cup of your favorite tea

5. Write in a journal

6. Laugh

7. Walk barefoot on the ground - outside

8. Sit with your pet

9. Be kind to yourself

10. Listen to music

11. List things that you are grateful for

12. Focus on others

13. Focus on your inhales and exhales

14. Focus on something beautiful

15. Connect with nature

How does Distance Healing work?


Not to get too technical with quantum physics..... but think of it as prayer. People send prayers to others across the land all the time. The energy from the prayer "travels" to that person. Well, Healing Touch works somewhat the same way. Know, that during this confinement, I am able to perform Healing Touch on you, regardless of where you are in the world.  My most recent session was over a thousand miles away! And it WORKED!  

So give it a try - a 30-minute session, and see for yourself.  Go to my booking site to reserve your spot today!

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The New Year is Upon Us.


The phases of the moon remind me of monthly renewals.  In the new year, and the time of new resolutions, we all have a tendency to wean off of them within the first month. But know that every new full moon brings an opportunity to muster up your courage, to either get back on the bandwagon or renew your efforts to make it to your goal. 

The moon is an energy ball. It creates our currents and affects the tides.  During its different phases, it "projects" her vibrational energy on earth, therefore on us.  The fuller the moon, the stronger the energy. Think of it this way, when the moon is dark, it is a time for us to reflect inward and plan. On the other hand, the full moon lightens our path, so that what we reflected on and planned can go forth with positive energy.